Enjoy Winter With These Winter Sports – Part II


In addition to those plays introduced in Part I, here you can find two more fun winter sports you’ll probably enjoy playing them. Curling You must have heard of this Winter Olympic sport before! But did you know that there are curling clubs all over the country? It can be considered as a kind of billiard combined with pitching and sailing on ice. Heather Hansman as introduces “10 new snow sports to try this winter”, says about curling “it is

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Enjoy Winter With These Winter Sports – Part I

Young sportsman with snowboard looking through eyeglasses at winter resort

Are you tired of those respected winter traditions like building a snowman, snowball fighting or even ice blocking? However, there’s so much more you can do when the snow is accumulated outdoor and the water freezes in local pools. Probably you think of winter sports as costly, hard or even dangerous experiments. These are all excuses that your mind makes to lock you in the home. However, the only thing you should think about is to discover those that connect

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