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Enjoy Winter With These Winter Sports – Part I

Are you tired of those respected winter traditions like building a snowman, snowball fighting or even ice blocking? However, there’s so much more you can do when the snow is accumulated outdoor and the water freezes in local pools. Probably you think of winter sports as costly, hard or even dangerous experiments. These are all excuses that your mind makes to lock you in the home. However, the only thing you should think about is to discover those that connect to your interests and capabilities.

So we are here to introduce some of the winter sports that are more likely to attract you.

(This is Part I, Do not miss Part II)


Think of it as being hauled on skis by a dog, horse, snowmobile or even a car.

As it is claimed in CBC blog, “It got its start several hundred years ago in Scandinavia and Alaska. At that time, skijoring was a mode of transportation. Today, it’s all about racing. The sport is both recreational and competitive, and you can practice it any way you like.

Dog Skijoring is the most typical form of this sport in which one to three dogs drag the musher on a snowy can also be a fun way to share your sports time with your pet as well. The amusing part of this game is that the dog must decide on the direction, maybe responding to the owner’s voice for it.

Skijoring can involves being pulled by a horse, which is named Equestrian Skijoring.As Carl Petit defines in his blog: “You do not ride the horse but get dragged behind it. The horse is the “powerboat” that pulls the skier along. Horse skijorers have the opportunity to tackle some pretty tall jumps, thanks to the extra speed.”

If you want to heighten your speed in skijoring, you can also play it using a snowmobile or any other proper motorized vehicle.

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Shovel Racing

This is a kind of zany sport that proves you do not need expensive equipment to do a really amusing sport in winter. Just by sitting on a metal shovel and sliding a snowy downhill, you will experience a wacky winter sport. As Carl says “in shovel racing, you should choose a shovel that doesn’t end in a sharp point, because you’ll be sitting on the blade of the shovel, with the metal squeezed in right between your legs.” You need the handle to steer your vehicle! He also suggests to “wax your shovels in an attempt to make them glide faster.CBC blog reports that “The sport began in the 1970s when ski-lift operators used shovels to quickly make it to the bottom of the slopes. Now there are snow shovel world championships every February in New Mexico.”

In this semi-legitimate sport, it is wise to use a helmet as you will be riding fast enough. In other words, though it seems fun, it will probably bring you a stomach full of guts as well.

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You can find more fun winter sports in Part II.

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