Enjoy Winter With These Winter Sports – Part II

In addition to those plays introduced in Part I, here you can find two more fun winter sports you’ll probably enjoy playing them.


You must have heard of this Winter Olympic sport before! But did you know that there are curling clubs all over the country? It can be considered as a kind of billiard combined with pitching and sailing on ice. Heather Hansman as introduces “10 new snow sports to try this winter”, says about curling “it is the act of sliding large stones across a sheet of ice towards a target, looks straightforward. But the simple sport can be deceivingly hard to do well.”

Curling is like golf somehow, since this winter team sport requires so much precision. Heather adds: “but the whole team, from the curler to the sweeper, plays a part in the overall outcome.

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Ice Sailing & Ice kiting

Pairing the wind and ice can lead to practicing many fun winter sports. Two most common of them are ice sailing or ice kiting (also referred as snow kiting.) Adjoining wind will increase complexity and challenges of these amusing winter sport.

Carl says about ice sailing: “Ice sailing is sailing across frozen bodies of water. It requires a sleek sailboat mounted on runners, which glides across a frozen lake or pond. It is also known as ice boating and ice yachting.” Heather also states “”For ice boating, although the idea is the same, the physics are slightly different.

While Snowkiting lets you dance on snow and ice using wind power and a kite, ice sailing combines a wing, kite with skis.

Carl confesses that “This sport takes more money to get into than say, ice blocking, but it’s truly a thrill for those who are lucky enough to get to do it.” But maybe the great feeling of bracing it gives to you is an acceptable justification for practicing it.

These two sports can be dangerous like many other winter sports. Therefore arm yourself with required training and equipment! As it is noted in Pure Michigan Blog:Ice sailing can be done anywhere there are wind and snow or ice. But Michigan is a paradise due to its many frozen lakes. There’s lots of space to play.”

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So smack your laziness, rub a sunblock on your face and get out of the home!

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