3 Practical Ways to Help You Stay on Your Vegetarian Diet


When a vegetarian gives up a veggie diet, there can be many rationales behind their decision. From experiencing depression and lack of healthiness to confronting difficult social situations. If you’re one of those who’s faltering about your promise to vegetarianism, maybe one of the following practical solutions will help you stop giving up on yourself. Put new recipes to the test As a vegetarian, one of the challenges you face is feeling having a limited range of food and ingredients

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3 Fun Things to Do with your BFF at Home (No Guys)

Girl Best Friends

The key feature of a BFF is that you can do all those things (!) that you would never ever do with an ordinary one and this is not age related! Here are 3 superb suggestions you can do with your BFFs at home to have an unforgettable time. Give Each Other a Home Mani-Pedi Ask your BFF to bring her colors of polish, glitter and nail stickers. Then give each other manicures. Take turns doing each other’s finger and toenails. Go

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6 Ways to Avoid Getting Cold this Winter

Flu Girl

The 2014-2015 flu season was one of the worst on record. It even reached epidemic status. Based on surveys from CDC, Americans got cold at least 2-3 times per year on average while this number reaches to 6 for children, typically each lasting for more than 7 days. This fact shows cold viruses have become more alarming than ever. Although that no guaranteed cure has been found for the common cold yet, we have to take action to beat off colds and

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