5 Ways To Look Like A Millionaire

look like a millionaire

Honestly, there is no one who doesn’t like to have money as much as a millionaire or millionairess. Although having such amounts of money would be a far-reaching dream for many of people, looking like a millionaire would not be inaccessible as such. However, you should know how to present yourself as a wealthy person. Here are some tips on how to look like a millionaire. You’ll have no idea of some of them….. Get a millionaire body shape Most

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7 ways to look good in group photos – Part II


To find out more techniques to have a great group photo, read this article. If you have not read Part I yet, you can find it here Take at least THREE shots One of the common problems that often spoils a group photo totally is the one or ones looking in another direction or the person who is blinking or covered up behind another person. A good way to get away from this unpleasant situation is to take multiple shots

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7 ways to look good in group photos – Part I


It happens everywhere with everyone, at parties, at work, with your family or your friends! All of us want to capture our common memorable moments in a group photo. Though, most of these group photos have disappointed us due to many reasons; Someone’s eyes are closed; the picture is too dark or too bright; someone is hiding behind another and so on. Therefore, in two continues posts, we want to share 7 tips to help create a fabulous group photo. However,

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5 Steps to Have an Incredible New Year Party!

Glasses with cocktails held by happy friends at party

Let us start with a question: who is not counting days down to 2017 beginning? It’s closer than ever. Throwing a festive New Year party can help make the celebrations. So If you are hosting a New Year’s Eve bash at your house, you have to begin planning now! To help you with the task, we share some tips for an exceptional New Year’s Eve. Launch a photo shoot! You can do it yourself, or hire a photographer for events and occasions of

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5 Easy Ways to Make This Year’s Christmas Superb!

Christmas Family

It’s Christmas time! For most of us, life simply gets overwhelmed with fancier prices while our ideal Christmas is to sit around a densely bedazzled tree or a simple dining table with our family and friends. However, there’s a lot of actions you can do to make Christmas season perfect, cramming it with joy and wonder. By following this very easy to do list, you can make this season bright and eventful: Celebrate New Year with your Handicrafts Do you give

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