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Let me extend a warm welcome hand to all of you curious enough to press ‘About’. I seriously believe you are better than others who didn’t!

Important note: There are articles in this blog that I don’t like. I voted against them and they got through anyways. If you are with me, send us feedback and help me take revenge from the authors 😉

This blog is an extension to iDemandu.com, a platform with one simple goal: help ANYONE, get ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME done! Go check it out here, we are super excited about it!

This blog is to help our lovely audience with the smallest (and sometimes cutest!) lifestyle tips! And yes we strongly encourage audience engagement and yes who doesn’t.

I suggest you stop reading this thing now and go here to read the most recent post. Finally, If you’re thinking who this chap talking bul**t is, see here.

Peace 😉

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