7 ways to look good in group photos – Part I

It happens everywhere with everyone, at parties, at work, with your family or your friends! All of us want to capture our common memorable moments in a group photo. Though, most of these group photos have disappointed us due to many reasons; Someone’s eyes are closed; the picture is too dark or too bright; someone is hiding behind another and so on.

Therefore, in two continues posts, we want to share 7 tips to help create a fabulous group photo
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Plan an arrangement


Adopting a good pose and layout is definitely necessary for a good group photograph; It completely depends on the situation. For example, at a wedding or birthday party, one or two persons can be located in the focal point of the picture. Other people will get placed around them.Darren Rowse is the editor and founder of Digital Photography School, he suggests “For formal group photos put taller members in the group not only towards the back of the group but centered with shorter people on the edges of the group.”


Go outdoor!

Group of multi-ethnic young people jumping together outdoors

Sometimes it is not you that make the photo marred! But the place where you’ve chosen to gather is the reason. Therefore location is important in group photography. For example, if you want to take a photo with your friends when you get together, it is likely to get a better result by taking a shot in an open space rather than closed. The size of the area regarding your group size, the direction of light and existing no distractions are some of the components you should consider before taking a group photo. Rishabh Agarwal, a passionate photographer from India, put you onto taking your group photo outside. “try photographing in a field or any open space where you can also use the larger surface area rather than just shooting in a room or a studio” she says.

Be creative – Break the rules

Women and men laying on grass wearing casual clothes. Group of young people together outdoors in urban park.

Remember there is always new things you can do to make your shot great. Break the rule of just gathering together, counting to 3 and pressing the shutter! Also, forget the composition in which tall people go to the back and short people to the front! But watch out! Jim Harmer, the founder of Improve Photography, warns “Don’t get too “creative” in posing. It might seem like a good idea, but group photos can get awkward fast if you aren’t careful.”

To know about more techniques go to Part II….

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