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5 Ways To Look Like A Millionaire

Honestly, there is no one who doesn’t like to have money as much as a millionaire or millionairess. Although having such amounts of money would be a far-reaching dream for many of people, looking like a millionaire would not be inaccessible as such. However, you should know how to present yourself as a wealthy person. Here are some tips on how to look like a millionaire. You’ll have no idea of some of them…..

Get a millionaire body shape

millionaire body shapeMost of the rich people are in the habit of being thin and in shape. Of course, they own time and money to have their own personal trainers to help them to be on track, but the fact remains that you don’t have enough money to have it in the same way! So you should go under pressure and do it yourself. It would be a hard work, right? However, Mikey Rox says in sympathy with you, “The silver lining is that nowadays staying motivated and finding new workouts is as easy as downloading an app.”

Tailored classic clothes is a sign of wealth

millionaire clothesTo look like you’re well off, you need to dress more professionally and be elegant. Pose a put-together image of a millionaire doesn’t mean wearing those designer duds or dressing a suit all day long. “Instead, work with what you have and tighten it up.” Mikey Rox suggests. Actually being clean and well fitted is more important than to have good preppy clothes. Here are some tips regarding how to refine your look in terms of clothing:

  • As Oliver says, follow the “one-third rule.” It means, “Buy one-third as many clothes as you do now but spend three times as much on each item.”
  • Make sure your clothes fit your body such a way they were made exclusively for you. It means spending more time to buy separates that fit you well and not buying those that doesn’t fit your body even if you like them.
  • Dress up clothes in pale colors such as grays, blacks, and whites. Marcos De Andrade says, “Most well-dressed men wear neutral colors with no prints and not many details.” Then you can mix and match them with a colorful trendy item afterward. Marcos De Andrade adds, “Don’t mistake a rich looking man with the guy who wears full printed designer logos.”

Your shoes talk about your millionairity

millionaire shoesRemember that you can get a lot of use out of shoes to pretend to be a millionaire. So don’t be afraid of spending more money on some decent well-made pairs. Understated brogues or loafers for men and a classic pump for women can be a good choice. However, keep in mind that more important than quality is polishing and keeping your shoes clean and in good condition. Another point to mention is that if you have a pair or two of shoes they will get worn sooner and it looks shabby to wear a pair of shoes all the time. Therefore, invest in more than 2-3 pair of shoes.

Your in-front features play a major role

portrait-of-successful-and-confident-businessman_1262-3058You need to think more than your clothes and accessories. Having a good Personal hygiene is a critical factor that matters. It means you should put your laziness aside and

  • Take a bath every day.
  • Pay attention to personal grooming practices.
  • Take care of your facial and body skin and use skincare products such as facial washer, a scrub and a face lotion in addition to cosmetics. Get a good amount of sleep every night as well.
  • Take care of your teeth yourself as dental care is expensive and probably you cannot afford professional treatments from a dentist. Brush at least twice daily and use whitening strips or whitening toothpaste, and dental floss.
  • Invest in routine manicures. It can make a big difference in your appearance. A classic French tip would be perfect while longer nails look cheaper and faker. Men should also take care of their nails.

Be into your makeup and hairstyle

millionaire makeupYou should keep using natural colors in your makeup too. Actually, a gentle foundation, mascara, and eyeliner are the entire things you need to keep your makeup tasteful. Stick to this principle when styling your hair as well. Get a hairstyle that is current and flattering on you. This axiom applies to men as well. Have your hair cut regularly by a barber or beautician you know who trims your facial hair delicately and precisely



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