5 Ways That Can Make Your Pregnancy Period More Fabulous

There too many things you SHOULD do when you find out that you are expecting a baby, such as buying a crib, pacifiers, and other accessories, get regular medical exams, and so many other to-dos. However, there are also many things that help you to stay relaxed and make this course easier and more enjoyable for you. Here you can find five of them.

Y2our Belly Is a Relic of Your Pregnancy

Take pictures of yourself and your belly every week. You can also splurge on a professional pregnancy photographer to take a picture of you every week. A good idea to have great shots is wearing the same set of clothes, standing in the same location, and adopting the same pose for each photo. Have you ever think about making a belly cast? You can print out all your and your belly photos during your pregnancy and put them in chronological order. It will be great when you flick through the photo pages and look how marvelously your belly grows little by little

Have a Home Mani-Pedi

pregnant young woman gently embraces belly, close view

Don’t let the feeling of being fat and chubby turn you off. Hire a manicurist or pedicurist to come to your home and paint your nails. Inviting friends will be welcomed. It helps you feel you are still glamorous. You won’t have enough time to do that after your baby is born. Another Suggestion is to paint your belly with beautiful designs or have a tattoo applied on it.

Enjoy Childfree Life to the Last Minute

Remember that you won’t have time to spend for yourself very soon. So take advantage of this baby-free time as much as you can. Reserve a ticket for live music (put off going to a rock concert to another time), a movie theater, an art gallery, going out with friends, anything you can, and you enjoy. What about having a short trip, you can find a B&B not so far from you, a place closer to nature with more oxygen for your baby.


Don’t Let It Hold You Back From Being Sexy

Pregnant yoga woman meditating. Close-upDon’t forget that throughout your pregnancy you need to exercise and keep a lookout for your weight. A good way is to have some dance training or yoga or any other exercise you prefer. They will help you to feel sexy, still in shape, and also feel better on your back pains.

Gather Evidence6

Put all your stories from you pregnancy into a letter and post it to the future. It will be certainly a riot for your child when he or she reads it ten years later. You can write about the day you have found you are pregnant, the list of names you have chosen, and even counting kicks he or she gave to you. You can attach some ultrasound photos as well.

Do it, make it memorable and joyful 😉

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