5 Things You Should Do If You Are Expecting Baby – Part II

Parallel to things mentioned in Part I, there are more few doings you can do during your pregnancy period. The will helpful to take care of your baby’s health. They also remove your disarray before and after you deliver.

Pack Bags

As you don’t know when your baby decides to come into the world and how long you need to stay in the hospital, you should pack a bag for you and for your new baby (and probably a little bag for your husband.) You can put a pair of clothes, diapers, your phone and charger, etc. you can find a list of the thing you may need for you and for your baby.

Home Cleaning

In a BabyCenter survey, “a third of moms said they wished they had had their house cleaned before their baby’s arrival.” We highly recommend you to get your home cleaned especially your carpets and rugs. It will really make you feel good when your baby starts crawling on a clean carpet. Also, “It feels great to come back to a tidy home, and you won’t have time or energy to clean while your baby’s a newborn.” You can rent carpet cleaning machine or hire a housecleaner to do all the cleaning tasks.

Attend Some Classes

child-1138195_1920Enroll in a childbirth course in your area to gain knowledge about how to have an easy birth, and how to care for your new baby, how to change a diaper and breastfeed. This is one of the most important things you should consider if you conceive a baby. Especially if this is your first experience. Your picks can include also Pilates or yoga, water exercise, and dance classes.

These training motivate you and give you more power to continue to the end of nine months easily. They will also help you how to tie in with your new role as a mom. You can check your hospital if they provide these kinds of classes. You can also find a great deal of video that will help you with this as well as taking part in online birth classes.

Kegel Exercises

Prenatal Yoga, SukhasanaKegel exercises can help you to have a shorter labor and stay fit throughout your pregnancy. BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board reveals: “Kegel can help prevent urine leaks during and after pregnancy, keep hemorrhoids at bay, and improve the muscle tone of your vagina, making sex more enjoyable.” You can find useful information on how to do Kegel exercises in and

Wash Baby’s Clothing And Accessories

You may use your older child’s outfits for new baby, or you probably receive many pristine clothes as gift or hand-me-downs. In any case, you should make sure that everything touching your sensitive baby’s skin is perfectly cleaned with gentle detergents. As Chelsea Johnson says: “It actually was really fun to wash, fold, and put away all of his tiny clothes. It’s just nice to have all of the clothes washed and put away before the baby is born.” She adds: “And yes, sometimes I would go and just smell the closet because it smelled like baby detergent (which is a perfect scent).”


In addition to clothes, there may be several things remained from your older children such as bibs, car seat blankets, bouncer and some toys such as a rattle, you’re going to use for the new kid. You should make sure all these things are neat and tidy for your new little one! (Hire someone to do cleanings or laundry services.)


Just relax and enjoy this marvelous experience. Baby comes when they are ready, so you get ready too!


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