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5 Steps to Have an Incredible New Year Party!

Let us start with a question: who is not counting days down to 2017 beginning? It’s closer than ever. Throwing a festive New Year party can help make the celebrations.

So If you are hosting a New Year’s Eve bash at your house, you have to begin planning now! To help you with the task, we share some tips for an exceptional New Year’s Eve.

  • Launch a photo shoot!

You can do it yourself, or hire a photographer for events and occasions of iDemandu. Taking a shot from your guests can make your party fascinating a whole lot. You can bring about any idea you have about this. Some suggestion is taking a photo of your guests as they step inside your house, or ask them to pose like an old-time photo. You can provide them with your antique clothes and let them be in different costumes. You can take a picture of them at the end of the party as well. It will reveal how much they dig your party, Then share all photos online or/and quickly edit them in a video with your favorite music for post party celebration!

  • Good music can change everything!

Your New Year party would not be perfect unless you guarantee to play apt music all along the bash. Strictly speaking, you have to celebrate your blowout with music and what is more you should know the songs your guests like to listen to. Let us give you some tips:

  1. You can ask those who attends your party to give you the list of their favorite songs, then you copy all in your memory stick. Make sure you create a playlist so that they play in the correct order. Believe me, playing order matters most!
  2. You ought to access to internet music streaming services with the possibility to create and share playlists like Pandora or Spotify. Might cost a little but will take less time.
  3. If you want to add more delight to your feast, you can bring in a DJ to have fresh and lively music. This are the best quality choice!
  • Open house with drinks!

Treating guests to drinks appropriately is one of the most important parts of a sparkling New Year Eve’s party. Here you can find out how to tackle this part well with some know-how we have here:

  1. Prepare a list of beverages you want to serve and put them out during the party, for example welcoming drink, midnight drink and so on. Do not forget to provide water, coffee and tea, and virgin drinks for kids and people who don’t drink alcohol.
  2. In order to help your callers to keep track of their glasses, attach a little paper card as wine glass charm and write everyone’s name on that. In this way, you have not to bring a new glass every time they get misplaced.
  3. Instead of going around and refilling everyone’s glasses during the party and not enjoying your new year’s, hire a servant. It worth it!
  • Respecting traditions is a great deal!

A prominent part of a New Year’s Eve celebration is watching the ball drop and countdown at midnight. You should try to make these parts enjoyable and let the bash end at the peak. Suggestions regarding this are:

  1. Gather all the guests around a large clock (you may use your TV Screen). Do not forget the bottle of champagne for those who want to crack the bottle.
  2. If there are single guests among the crowd, make sure they are standing beside each other and initiate the party no shame policy!
  3. Make sure you are subscribed to a channel that covers the ball drop live.
  • Do not make light of light!

If you want to create a warm, relaxing and festive atmosphere for your guests, you should take lightning into account. One way you can do this is dimming your lights (If you have no dimmer switch (ask an electrician to do that), buy colored bulbs and substitute them for existing bulbs. You will be surprised at the effects it’ll make and the environment it’ll create! Another way is deluging the house with votives and candles. You can place them in jars or votive holders and spread them over the house wherever you want, especially in front of mirrors. Just be careful about the kids.

May this celebration bring the greatest and happiest year to you and your lovely friends and family!

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