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3 Fun Things to Do with your BFF at Home (No Guys)

The key feature of a BFF is that you can do all those things (!) that you would never ever do with an ordinary one and this is not age related! Here are 3 superb suggestions you can do with your BFFs at home to have an unforgettable time.

Give Each Other a Home Mani-Pedi

Ask your BFF to bring her colors of polish, glitter and nail stickers. Then give each other manicures. Take turns doing each other’s finger and toenails. Go further and let it lead a life of luxury. Book an appointment with a nail technician earlier and have flawless and sanitary pedicures and manicures for your nails when you get together at home. Do not confine it to nail decoration, find an in-home same-day massage. It is and affordable and fab treatment you’ll do again and again afterwards.

If you don’t know a trusted, professional and reliable therapist, just ask iDemandUJust buff yourselves up!

Strut Your Stuff

Be dressed in your favorite clothes. Don’t be afraid to get a little cocky. Slip into those lingeries or bras you have bought from Victoria’s Secret together. You can also find a bra done right and perfect fit for you online here. Put on the highest heels you have, do each other’s hair in an elaborate and labyrinthine style, wear your showy jewelry and one of those trash bags in a way that is the latest fashion. At the end, get a austere look on your face and sashay down a catwalk in your living room.

Your BFF should sit around, taking pictures of you flash after flash or looking at fashion magazines or if you want to put it into action seriously you can hire a professional photographer here. For extra effect, play the old I’m sexy and I know it in the background!

Compete in a “Cook & Eat Pizza” Tournament

Invite your BFFs over to cook pizza with each other. Everyone should decide on the  kind of pizza she wants to cook in advanced. The regulation of the competition states that you must cook food out of only the items in your pantry and who takes first, she use first. The winner is the girl who eats the entire pizza she made herself. This would be fun if you’ve never make a pizza before! Feel free to call a cleaner in Home Services to clean up the mess :/

Make a Dance Video

Put your favorite CD on the stereo or play your playlist in your iPod, even you can insert one of those old cassette in your father’s ghetto blaster, blast the music and get ready to have a super dance. But you have only two picks:

  • First is dancing to your own beat. You just need to keep in mind that you should wobbling your body while you try to wiggle your hips to the rhythm of the music. More you dance like a clod, more you have fun.
  • Another alternative is completely opposite. Try to dance like a professional dancer. Search a video on how to dance in the style you all love, and follow suit him/her. (if you show considerable talent for dancing you can ask a dance tutor to tutor you professionally.

No matter which one you choose, Snapchat it so you and your friends can watch to see how fun you and your BFF are. And if you think you need to be bold about it, go ahead and upload it to Youtube!

Now, don’t waste time, call your BFF. Get together to do something fun and have a whale of a time.

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